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Robotic gantry system for welding micro panels

Use of production lines for micro panels for ships is very promising. This allow to reduce production costs and increase speed of ship building.

One of the areas of automation of welding processes is the use of robotic systems for welding (robotic gantry systems).

The complexity of the automation of operations for welding micro panels consists in a huge variety of their types,large number of complex weld seams.

Our technology of robot supported production in producing micro panels has proven effective and fulfills all requirements of the customer when it comes to state-of-the-art technology, efficiency and reliability. The following advantages advocate the use of our micro panel lines.

Our robotic system is designed as a gantry system, which ensures the maximum possible welding zone, inside which at the same time there may be a big group of micro panels of the hull of the future ship.

Our roboric gantry system for micro panels is ensured in a fully automatic and semi-automatic mode of operation, ensuring perfect product quality. Welding process is possible on workpieces with dimensions up to 3200x23000 mm (total working area 3200x90000 mm) is fully automated.

The functions performed by the robotic gantry system:

- automated search for workpieces (assemblies) placed on the working surface (robotic system uses special scanning system);

- determination type of workpieces and their geometric position;

- creating or use pre-written welding tracks (sequence of welding, welding parameters, etc.) on 3D models, their calculation for safe movement of the robot between welding operations;

-“TouchSense” function- this application makes it possible to detect and compensate for deviations in the shape or position of workpieces so that the motion path on the workpiece corresponds exactly to the master contour;

- arc joint tracking function - it is designed to track difficult welding joint variations resulting from cast components or other pre-process problems;

- multipass weldingwith various edge preparation;

- solid and cored wire welding.

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LLC “Zvezda” Shipbuilding Complex” was thinking about acquiring a robotic complex for welding micro panels, due to the difficulty in ensuring the proper quality of welds in a manual welding.

Considering the budget of similar complexes from foreign suppliers (IMG, Kranendonk), a domestic company - LLC «Intellectual Robot Systems» was chosen as a supplier.


The delivery and commissioning time of the robotic gantry system for welding micro panels is 8 months (can be increased depending on customer requirements).


The price of the robotic gantry system for welding micro panels - from 900,000 € (depending on the configuration of equipment included in the system).

Micro panel Welding Gantry in operationmicro panel

panel Welding Gantry in operation

Automated robot welding of complex ship panels

Maximum dimensions of the workpiece: 3200 x 23000 mm; total work area: 3200 x 90000 mm

Shipyard panel production line


1.  (1)
Industrial robot АВВ IRB 1600
1 set
  - robot controller, robot remote control   
  - arc joint tracking system   
  - scanning system interface  
2.  (2)
IRSrobotic gantry
1 set
   - with precision floor rail system  
   - with precision lateral movement system for the robot  
 3. Scanning system 1 set
 4.  (3)
Kemppi A7 MIG PowerSource 450
1 set
   - (4) cooling unit A7 Cooler  
  - (5) Wire Feeder 25  
  - (6) water-cooled robotic welding gun A7 MIG Gun 500-W  
  - (7) protective cover for wire spool with wire spool holder  
 5. (8) Torch cleaning station 1 set
 6. (9)
Automated tool centre point calibration
1 set
7.  (10) 
Exhaust ventilation system “KEMPER” with filtration system
1 set


Optional equipment

- IRS’s graphics control panel 1 set
 - IRS’s control cabinet for the robotic system with a set of control electronics
based on industrial controller
1 set
 - Lightproof blind 1 set

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Multipass weld seam
ER70S-6, Ar + 20%CO2
4 layers seam

Robotics in the Shipyard

6 layers seam

6 layers seam
Welded corner and end face
HYUNDAI Supercored 71H, СO2

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Welded workpiece of complex geometric shape (example: ellipsoid workpiece)
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Welded vertical and fillet seams
ER70S-6, Ar + 20%CO2

Welded vertical and fillet seams

Welded mulpipass fillet (3 layers) and vertical seams
ER70S-6, Ar + 20%CO2

Welded mulpipass fillet (3 layers) and vertical seams

Welded vertical and fillet seams
HYUNDAI Supercored 71H, СO2

Welded vertical and fillet seams

Welding joints at sharp and obtuse angles
HYUNDAI Supercored 71H, СO2

Welding joints at sharp and obtuse angles

Welded angle
ER70S-6, Ar + 20%CO2

Welded angle

Video about automatic weld micro panel's